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BubbaFest–Florida Keys will go on as scheduled.  Due to hurricane Irma, some tweaking had to occur.  The Keys are open and looking forward to hosting BubbaFest 2017  New schedule:

Key Largo remains the same. Same date.  Same host hotel.  Same registration process.  Same welcome dinner.

Saturday November 4

  • Rider check-in will be between Noon—4 PM Saturday November 4 at the banquet hall of the Key Largo Holiday Inn.
  • As you check-in at one of the two host hotels make sure to get a breakfast coupon for Sunday’s breakfast. One for each person in the room
  • There will be a PAMPERING meeting 4:30 PM in the lobby of the Holiday Inn for all riders who signed up for this great option.
  • Music starting 5 PM at the large Tiki Hut poolside
  • Dinner 5:30 PM at the large Tiki Hut poolside
  • Rider meeting immediately following dinner same area
  • Music continues after rider meeting same area

Day One: Sunday:  The campground we expected to use suffered damage and is unavailable so the ride had to be extended to what would have been day two campground, BSA Camp Sawyer.  Since the mileage will be longer there will be three riding options available.

Option One: Ride Key Largo to Camp Sawyer a total of 66 Miles including riding across the beautiful Seven Mile Bridge

Option Two: Ride from Key Largo to Knights Key, the base of the Seven Mile Bridge for a total of 53 Miles

Option Three: Ride from Key Largo to the Channel Five Bridge for a distance of 28 Miles

Riders choosing Options two or three will be shuttled with their bikes to Camp Sawyer.

Day Two: Monday

Day two is exactly the same as day three pre-Irma.  Ride from Camp Sawyer to Boyd’s Campground (Stock Island) for a total of 35 Miles

 Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday will be spent in beautiful Key West

On Tuesday you must be back to Boyd’s Campground and ready for the 4:00 PM trolley tour of Key West followed by dinner.

There are many great excursions available in Key West.  Lots of fun things to do.  I strongly suggest you research options.  The tour will shuttle you to any early morning excursions or tours you book any of those mornings.

Route sheets will be available from Boyd’s campground to Key West and back taking in many of the attractions.

Many of you have asked if there were things BubbaFest could do to help with the recovery.  Plans are underway currently for a work project day in the Key West area for those who wish to lend a hand.  Details will be sent in a future email.


Day Six: Friday

Bike from Key West to Marathon

Option One:  Bike from Boyd’s to Marathon for a total of 48 Miles

Option Two:  Bike from Boyd’s to the foot of the Seven Mile Bridge for a total of 35 Miles.  Those choosing option two will be shuttled along with their bikes to the ending location.

Day six will end at the Marathon Holiday Inn Express at no additional cost to you.  Yes, you read this right, no camping that night. Each room will be double occupancy.  Of course couples will be roomed together.  Single riders will be paired up with same gender other single riders.  You will have six days to meet and get to know all riders on BubbaFest.  Thursday after dinner we will accept requests of who you would like to room with.  If you do not make a request, you will be assigned a roommate for that evening.

Day Seven: Saturday

Bike from Marathon to Key Largo

Option One: Bike from Marathon to Key Largo for a total of 47 Miles

Option Two: Bike from Marathon to Back Country Cowboy in Islamorada for a total of 29 Miles.  Riders taking option two will be shuttled to the ending location along with their bikes.  For those renting a bike, Back Country Cowboy is who you are renting from so if you choose option two the rentals will be returned at this location


Other information:

Flat resistance

Irma and her cleanup has left added debris on the roadways.  With that in mind you should consider installing flat resistant tires on your bike such as Continental Gatorskins, Schwalbe Marathions, Specialized or Armadillos.  Your trusted local bike shop may have another brand of flat resistant tires.  Also consider Thorn-resistant inner tubes and bring additional tubes with you.

All riders should come with the willingness, knowledge, equipment and ability to change a flat tire.


Meals included

  • Welcome Dinner Saturday November 4
  • Breakfast Sunday November 5 if you are staying at one of the host hotels
  • Dinner Sunday
  • Breakfast Monday
  • Dinner Monday
  • Breakfast Tuesday
  • Dinner Tuesday
  • Breakfast Wednesday
  • Breakfast Thursday
  • Dinner Thursday
  • Breakfast Friday
  • Farewell dinner Friday
  • Breakfast Saturday
  • Note: Dinner Wednesday will be on your own to sample one of the many great eateries of Key West