“Are you ready for the challenge of a Coast 2 Coast Tour without any of the hassle? Yeah, I know. If you’ve never ridden your trusty bike across the country, there are questions and doubts. I had them. “Could I get back on the bike, day after day, and finish?” “Will my bike finish?” “Do I really want to haul enough gear behind me to make the trip at least somewhat comfortable?” “What route should I take?” “Where will I stay overnights” “What will I find to eat to sustain myself?”

These and many more questions ran through my head. I wanted to see the country on my own power and on two wheels, but how? I joined the Pampered Pedalers Coast 2 Coast tour in 2010. If you have the desire but have similar questions this is the tour you have been waiting for.

Bubba’s Pampered Pedalers will cater to all of your needs as you enjoy the ride, the view, the exquisite joy of a coast to coast tour. This is a perfectly planned route (daily cue sheets included) with interesting stops and unique terrain. Sag support and frequent rest stops are provided. Knowledgeable locals will fill you in on the history and fables of the area. Set up and take down of your tent and even your laundry is completely taken care of by an amiable and able staff. (Some nights are enjoyed indoors) There is not a better way to see the country and there is not a better tour to make it possible”.

~Wayne, Illinois

“If not for the friendliness of Bubba and his great staff, doing a coast to coast tour would still be just a dream. Thank you Bubba for making my dream come true”.

~R-O; Ohio

“Being a cancer survivor, bicycling across the United States was number one on my bucket list. When I learned Bubba was going to host such a trip, I knew that was the trip for me. It turned out to be much more than I could have ever dreamed. Bubba left nothing for chance and his staff made me, as a single female rider, feel safe on the road. If you are considering such a trip, I highly recommend Bubba. You will not be disappointed, promise”.

~Mickey; Pittsburgh

“This was a once in a life time experience. The ride and the overall experience was great. The only decision I had to make for the entire seven weeks was what I was going to order for lunch and the staff even made that easy by going ahead and finding unique restaurants. The staff and organization was excellent. We had everything we needed for a stress free ride”.

“Coast 2 Coast with Bubba and his staff was a great trip. It was the trip that helped me achieve my goal of riding across the USA and enjoying it. There is an advantage to being “pampered” as only Bubba can do it. It was an eye opening and mind expanding trip for me and going with Bubba made it happen”.


“Riding my bicycle across the United States has been number one on my ‘Bucket List’ since surviving cancer. I have done other Bubba events in the past and once I learned he would be offering a Cross Country Tour, I knew my dream would come true. The organization, staff, route, and overnight locations were great. Much more than expected. Bubba left nothing for chance. I was not only well taken care of but well watched over which is really important being a female. A day does not pass without me thinking of this trip. It was a life changing experience and I thank Bubba for making it happen”.


Before the tour started I was concerned about getting lost and SAG support. Well, without a doubt those fears were alleviated from day_one. It is very hard for me to express in words what a trip of a lifetime meant to me. Just that, an experience that I will treasure for the rest of my life. I feel that I made life long friends with the staff and other Coasters. I have my EFI plaque on my desk and look at it to make sure that I really did this trip!!

As Bubba Says, “It ALL Good” and “How do I do it”?

It was indeed ALL Good and I have no idea how he does it.