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Pamper Zone on Bicycle RideEnter the Pampered Zone.

What I mean when I say “BULL”
After having completed over 40 week long organized bicycle rides as well as my cross country solo, a common theme rang loud and clear. How many times have you heard or even said, “These bike tours would be so much more fun if we did not have to lug these heavy bags around and mess with that darn tent every day?” Speaking for myself, I have never been on a tour when these words where not spoken.

You know the days.
Riding 78 miles of a reported 65 mile day. The temperature reads in the upper 90’s. Or is it the day when you have ridden 68 miles in a steady rain only to discover it to be raining even harder at the campground. We look for our bags, which were off loaded at noon, only to find them buried with the other 1,500 bags in the middle of a rapidly growing lake. Or for us early spring or late fall rides. We wake up to find our tent covered with a thin layer of ice.

pamper-zone2THOSE are the days which the words, “these bike tours would be so much better if we didn’t have to mess with these darn tents” are spoken.

Then of course, there is the THRILL of looking through what could be well over 2,000 bags for YOURS. We have all tried little tricks to make them stand out. – None work.- There we are, pacing back and forth, searching , more pacing back and forth.

Now comes the really fun part;  carrying them to a suitable site. Of course all the good camp sites are taken by those “fast riders” We lug those heavy bags around until you find a spot of grass large enough to place your tent. It’s under a dusk to dawn light and on the side of the hill, next to the porta-a-john.. Home sweet home, for the night anyway. We ALL have suffered through these days. For me, more then I care to remember.

The great news is, no longer do YOU have to.

Bubba’s PAMPERED Pedalers


  • Deluxe Kelty tent with daily set-up and take down
  • Fully inflated air mattress for your sleeping pleasure
  • Baggage delivery to your tent
  • Charging station for all electronics
  • Shaded sitting area
  • Deluxe camp chairs
  • Free cold drinks (non-alcoholic)
  • Free snacks
  • Towels and Wash Cloths daily
  • Bicycle work station
  • Baggage transportation daily
  • Bedding, such a personal item is not included

Yes, everything I wished for when biking in after a long day of riding and I am confident its the same things you wish for as well.  Come join the PAMPER Zone and see what Bubba means when he ssays; “It’s ALL Good!

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