RAGBRAI 2015 Official Charter Service

RAGBRAI 2015 Official Charter Service


Registration forms for the 2015 Charter are current and can be completed at this time.

If you follow RAGBRAI’s schedule for registering you will get a rider number.  Just do not delay registering for RAGBRAI.  If by chance you miss the deadline and do not get accepted, there are always rider numbers available to purchase from those needed to cancel.

I strongly suggest you register for the Charter before waiting for your rider nunber.

***Please see registration forms for options and fee structure.***

Click here to see registration form

RAGBRAI 2015 route

Sunday: Sioux City to Storm Lake  74 Miles

Monday: Storm Lake to Ft Dodge  68 Miles

Tuesday: Ft Dodge to Eldora           71 Miles

Wednesday: Eldora to Cedar Falls  56 Miles

Thursday: Cedar Falls to Hiawatha  69 Miles

Friday:Hiawatha to Coralville            57 Miles

Saturday:Coralville to Davenport       64 Miles


You have made the single biggest decision you will have to make on your entire RAGBRAI experience – except maybe what type of pie you will enjoy!

Below is information needed to assist in securing your reservation with RAGBRAI’s Official Charter; Bubba’s PAMPERED Pedalers.  It’s really more than a charter service, it’s a PAMPERING service!  This charter will fill fast so reservations will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

What you need to know first off!

You will/must register as an individual with RAGBRAI.  No “bandits” will be allowed.  Please, do not worry if you will be selected in the lottery, most all are.  If by chance you are not, there are always rider numbers available through cancellations.  With that worry out of the way, the next step is simple.  Fill out the charter registration forms and relax knowing everything else will be taken care of for you.

Reminder.  Do not wait for your rider number before registering for this charter.  This charter will fill sooner than RAGBRAI.  If you meet all of RAGBRAI deadlines in registering you will receive a rider number.

 Q: Where can we stay in Davenport, IA?

A: The host hotel for this charter is the Quality Inn of Davenport located at

6605 North Brady St   Phone 563.386.8336.  Call them directly to make your lodging reservations.  Make sure to tell them you are on Bubba’s Charter to receive the special discounted rate which will be available both Friday July 17 and Saturday July 25

Q: Where do I check-in for the charter, where do I load my bike and where do I board the deluxe motor coach to the start town?

A: Everythig will take place at the host hotel.  Times will be determined later and will be sent via email.

Q: What about the Saturday the ride ends, how does that work?

A: You will bike to the host hotel where your baggage will be off-loaded waiting for your arrival.

Q: What about those who will be joining the charter at the starting town?

A: Your check-in will be at the charter’s camping location anytime after 2 PM Saturday.  The camping location  will not be known until early May

****Times for charter check-in, bike loading, and motor coach departure will be announced at a later time.

What’s Included!

As a cyclist, your host Bubba understands what the bicyclist wants/needs on a multi-day event.  Bubba also understands RAGBRAI having both ridden it many times as well as being part of the RAGBRAI staff for several years.  So, here is what is included;

  • Motor coach service to the RAGBRAI start town from the ending town
  • Bike transportation provided by a professional moving service to the RAGBRAI starting location from the ending town.  Each bicycle wrapped individually with a moving blanket
  • Reserved camping locations
  • Tent and air mattress service – we supply you with a quality Kelty tent and air mattress AND we put up them up and take them down every day, even in the rain. 
  • Bubba designed  T-Shirt  
  • Our very own Porta-Johns located at our campsites
  • Also included for FREE are the following.  Yes you pay ONE Fee there are no add ons with Bubba
    • Bag delivery to your tent
    • The PAMPER Zone canopies provide shade for sharing your daily RAGBRAI pictures, stories and experiences or to take a nap
    • Camp chair
    • Cold drinks (non-alcoholic)
    • Snacks
    • Our very own Porta-Johns right at our campsites
    •  Shower Towels and wash cloths daily; Showers are not always on-site but close
    • Electronic charging (Cell Phones—iPads—Lap Tops–Garmins–Etc)
    • Bicycle work-station (work stand, floor pumps, shop rags)
    • Morning Coffee.  Oh yea!
    • Massage Therapist (Extra Fee)

What’s NOT Included!

Hassles, headaches or fussin – if anything comes up, let us know and we will work with you to resolve it.

RAGBRAI Registration

Registration is easy – just go to the Official RAGBRAI website and fill out the forms.  Everyone who registers for this charter MUST be a registered rider before the event starts.  Once again, NO bandits will be allowed.  Remember, if you follow RAGBRAI posted schedule for registering, you will get a riders number.  Also, do not wait until you are officially notifed you are in before registering for this charter which will fill before RAGBRAI.

The Daily Drill!

Each rider will be allowed two pieces of baggage each bag not to exceed 40 pounds each.  Upon check-in, you will be provided with two baggage tags which must be attached to your bags. No baggage will be allowed on the baggage truck with the proper baggage tag attached.  Your bags will be transported to the next overnight town in an enclosed baggage truck.   If you will need assistance getting your bag on the truck each morning, please contact one of the staff who will assist you.  Additional baggage tags are available at $50 per tag.

That’s it – fill your water bottles, apply sun screen and enjoy your ride.  We will see you at the finish with shade, a chair and something cold to drink in the PAMPER Zone!

Sunrise on RAGBRAI

Sunrise on RAGBRAI

The Fine Print!

Please read the following information very closely.  If, when planning your trip, you feel you cannot possibly make these time tables, this may not be the charter for you.  Remember, this is a GROUP activity.  In fairness to everyone, these schedules will be strictly adhered to:

Rider Check-in for the Charter

Check-in for this charter will be Friday evening from 5 PM–8 PM and Saturday morning starting 6 AM at the host hotel.

Bicycle Transportation

The professionals (not two high school kids on the back of a rental truck) will:

  • Wrap each bicycle in its own thick moving blanket
  • To avoid damage to your bike and belongings, please remove beforehand your bike bags, cycle computers, and anything else which takes up more room that the normal bike frame. Pack these items with your baggage; do not leave them hanging on your bike. Pedals and rear racks do not need to be removed nor do your handle bars need to be turned. 
  • Bicycle loading starts at 6 AM of Saturday July 18, 2015 at the host hotel. All bicycles must be on the moving van by  8:00 am
  • If your bike is not loaded on the moving van by the stated departure times, your bike will become your responsibility.  NO BIKES WILL BE ALLOWED ON THE BUSSES.

Motor Coaches

Since this is the start of your RAGBRAI experience, we will make your trip as comfortable as possible.

  • Transportation to the Start – It’s a bit of a hike to the western Iowa border, so the buses will load starting at 8:00 AM Saturday July 18, 2015 at the host hotel
  • The bus will NOT wait for YOU, so don’t be late.  If for any reason you fail to be on the bus when it departs, it will be your responsibility to get to the respective destination.
  • Stow your bags in the compartments under the bus.  Any carry on items such as a pillow, must fit in the overhead bins.
  • Bringing a full water bottle is always a good idea as well as a snack if you wish
  • There will be a one hour lunch stop at the half-way point


1. So, what if I am new to RAGBRAI, what should I expect?

If you are a RAGBRAI virgin, here are some things you need to know:

  • RAGBRAI is the largest week long bicycle event in the world.  It is also one of the biggest revenue producing events yearly for the State of Iowa.  RAGBRAI is a very unique event indeed.
  • You will need to be flexible, understanding, and patient all the while keeping a good attitude.  No whining is ever allowed on RAGBRAI. Part of your RAGBRI experience will be standing in lines and using Porta-Poties or KYBO’s as the Iowans call them
  • Don’t come if you plan to diet.  You will miss out on lots of great food freshly prepared by the citizens of Iowa.
  • There is no opportunity to be shy while riding with thousands and thousands of other riders, camping among thousands of others, listening to great music daily, seeing things on a bike you never imagined you would ever see and enjoying the hospitality of Iowa.
  • No RAGBRAI experience is complete without using Iowa corn fields as restrooms.

Bubba says, “The Iowa corn tastes different for two reasons:  Number One and Number Two!”

So, come prepared to have a great time while maintaining a great attitude and remain flexible.  Remember, No Whining is ever Allowed.

2. So, will the Bubba’s PAMPERED Pedalers be camping close to where the action is?

All charters, including the Bubba’s, are pre-assigned camping locations by each over-nights camping committee.  The camping committees take good care of the charters and things usually work out great. It should go without saying, Bubba will do everything possible to assure the very best camping locations available however, we will be at the mercy of the camping committee.  In years past, the majority of the camping locations assigned to Bubba’s PAMPERED Pedalers have been great but again, they are pre-assigned.   What Bubba can promise is to make your RAGBRAI camping experience as enjoyable and comfortable as possible.

3. So, what time do I have to be moving in the morning?

The baggage truck will leave at 7:30 AM sharp.  This should give you plenty of time since you will not be dealing with taking down a tent. That is our job, remember?

You will need to be out of your tent no later than 7 AM to allow the staff to start the take-down process.  It is very important for Bubba’s staff to get on the road to the next location as soon as possible in order to have things ready for your arrival.

4. What about baggage, how much can I bring?

Since Bubba supplies everything but bedding and your clothing, how many bags do you need?  Each rider is allowed two pieces of baggage not to exceed 40 pounds per bag.  Extra baggage tags can be purchased for an additional $50 per tag.  As a point of reference, RAGBRAI allows only ONE bag per rider and those poor souls have to pack a tent, mattress, and towels.

5. Can I charge my “stuff”?

There will be a charging station which will be available to charter members for personal items.  Bring home charger, not car charger.

6. So, will Bubba guarantee me a RAGBRAI rider number?

No charter, Bubba’s charter included, can guarantee you a RAGBRAI rider number.  You will have to register for RAGBRAI on your own.  If you register for RAGBRAI early , you will have no problem getting a rider number.  Please check on the RAGBRAI web site for details about registering and receiving your rider number.  NO BANDIT RIDERS WILL BE ALLOWED ON this CHARTER!  You MUST be a registered RAGBRAI rider with a rider number to be part of Bubba’s Charter.  If by chance you did not register with RAGBRAI in time, there is a RAGBRAI Forum which riders can purchase wrist bands from other rides.  There are always rider numbers available to purchase those needing to cancel.

7. So, what if I need to cancel for some reason?

Bubba understands things happen which are out of any ones control.  So, here is the cancellation policy.

  • If you cancel before  May 20, 2014, you will receive a full refund minus a $250 cancellation fee.
  • Sorry, due to contractual obligations, no refund will be offered for ANY REASON after May 20, 2013.  Please, do not make Bubba the bad guy by asking.  Really, for contractual reasons, it just cannot be done for ANY reasons.
  • Trip insurance is available from various sources

8.  If I need to cancel 30 days prior to the ride start, can I sell my RAGBRAI registration.

There is a forum on the RAGBRAI site which will assist you in selling your rider number.

9. So, many riders will Bubba’s PAMPERED Pedalers be taking?

Bubba’s Charter will accept registrations from the first 150 riders only.  These slots will be booked rather quickly after which a “want-list” will be maintained.

10.  So, what is the cost for the Bubba’s PAMPERED Pedalers Charter?

Well, that depends on which tent option you chose; single in a regular tent, single in a Bubba Dome, Double in a regular tent, Double in a Bubba Dome.  Pricing for all options are available on the registration form.

Click here to see registration form

What is the difference between a regular tent and a Bubba Dome?  Size, yes it does matter!  The regular tent is a four person tent which is plenty big enough, even for two people.  The Bubba Dome is a really, really, really big six person tent.  The biggest difference is you can actually stand and walk about in a Bubba Dome.  Ah, stand to get dressed, YES!

11. Do we need to send in the total amount at the time of registration?

Full payment is required at time of charter registration.  Sorry, no credit cards.

So, are you ready for RAGBRAI however with NONE of the HASSLE?

You ride your bike, Bubba and his staff will do everything else.  That’s right,

“No Bull—Just Bike”

Come find out firsthand what Bubba means when saying;

“It’s ALL Good”

Your Host

Bubba has ridden in over 40 week long tours all over the country as well as a solo, self-contained, cross country on a recumbent pulling a BOB trailer.

In addition, Bubba has ridden RAGBRAI numerous times and has actually worked for RAGBRAI for several years as part of the official RAGBRAI Crew.

Bubba founded Bubba’s PAMPERED Pedalers in 2002 and has been PAMPERING riders ever since.

Bubba also is the proud host of BubbaFest—Florida Keys which is held the first full week of November.  BubbaFest—Florida Keys is more than a bike ride, it’s a Keys Experience.

Bubba also leads a group of bicyclists on a cross country bicycle tour called Coast 2 Coast each spring.  Coast 2 Coast goes from San Diego, CA. to St. Augustine, FL.

Bubba is a proud member of the National Bike Tour Directors Association.

***Please see registration forms for options and fee structure.***

Click here to see registration form

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