Hi Bubba – Greetings from Canada where the temperature is just now starting to feel a wee bit like Florida in April. The sunny weather, and getting out on the tandem, reminds Pat and me of the “IceBreaker” and what a good time we had. The team, organization, food, fun, exercise, and general “bon vivance” made for a terrific holiday which, hard to believe, has Pat clamouring for more cycling and camping vacations. I will be eternally grateful!

This email is long overdue but the two of us wanted to say a big “thanks” to you and the whole team for hosting this event. It’s rare to find people who are really intense about doing things to an extremely high standard, but are also relaxed in the process. You did a great job of this…attending to all the details to make the trip a success while also being a totally gracious host. (Well, OK, maybe the humour needs a little workJ!).

Thanks again for all the work you put into this and for creating such a great holiday experience. We’ll look forward to seeing you on future trips and to being “pampered” along the way.

Your the Best! And I really mean it! the trip was great, mostly due to you and your great crew. I never got wet, or cold for that matter. I could not have had a better week, meeting many new friends and visiting the people I met last year too.
It was all good! Thanks so much, and I wuill see you again next year, and the next………

I bragged about your service to anyone who would listen. Your staff was so good to me when I hurt my back. Josh checked my mattress firmness every day and LB was always asking if I was okay. If you’re back on CNC next year, I’ll be one of the first to sign up. Again, thank you and tell your staff thanks for caring!

Last week was an incredible experience for us. Thank you for taking such good care of us in the pamper zone. One of the highlights for us was in the sharing of your story about the “angel” who ministered to you when you had the wreck. Thank you for your willingness to share this beautiful part of your life. The spirit of a loved one never leaves us. Your experience testifies to this. Take care our new friend. Hope to see you in the pamper zone soon. Thanks … when we seek the “true” things in life, it really is “all good,”
~Linda & Tracy

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