What’s Included?

tent-rowsWhat does PAMPERING include?

  • Top quality tent with daily set-up and take-down
  • Thick air mattress. Twin, Double or Queen depending on your need
  • Eco-friendly, disposable bath towels with wash cloths
  • Baggage transportation in the enclosed Bubba Trailer Baggage will be off loaded central to the PAMPERED Zone at the next over night location. If you need help with getting your baggage to the Bubba Trailer in the morning or to your tent in the afternoon, just let one of the friendly staff know and they will be more then happy to assist.
  • “The PAMPERED Zone”  A large shaded area where you and your fellow riders can relive your day of riding
  • Cold drinks and great snacks for your enjoyment after riding
  • Deluxe camp chair to rest your bones
  • Cell phone charging. Bubba charges your phone, not you.
  • Bicycle floor pump
  • Bicycle work stand
  • Laughs
  • Bubba!

What is not included with PAMPERING?

  • Hassle
  • Stress
  • Whining

See what Bubba means when he says
“What part of “PAMPERING” don’t you understand?”

No Bull—–Just Bike

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