BubbaFest Florida Keys

BubbaFest–Florida Keys will go on as scheduled.  Due to hurricane Irma, some tweaking had to occur.  The Keys are open and looking forward to hosting BubbaFest 2017.  BubbaFest is proud to be able to help with the Keys recovery.

New schedule:

Key Largo remains the same. Same date.  Same host hotel.  Same registration process.  Same welcome dinner.

Saturday November 4

  • Rider check-in will be between Noon—4 PM Saturday November 4 at the banquet hall of the Key Largo Holiday Inn.
  • As you check-in at one of the two host hotels make sure to get a breakfast coupon for Sunday’s breakfast. One for each person in the room
  • There will be a PAMPERING meeting 4:30 PM in the lobby of the Holiday Inn for all riders who signed up for this great option.
  • Music starting 5 PM at the large Tiki Hut poolside
  • Dinner 5:30 PM at the large Tiki Hut poolside
  • Rider meeting immediately following dinner same area
  • Music continues after rider meeting same area

Day One: Sunday:  The campground we expected to use suffered damage and is unavailable so the ride had to be extended to what would have been day two campground, BSA Camp Sawyer.  Since the mileage will be longer there will be three riding options available.

Option One: Ride Key Largo to Camp Sawyer a total of 66 Miles including riding across the beautiful Seven Mile Bridge

Option Two: Ride from Key Largo to Knights Key, the base of the Seven Mile Bridge for a total of 53 Miles

Option Three: Ride from Key Largo to the Channel Five Bridge for a distance of 28 Miles

Riders choosing Options two or three will be shuttled with their bikes to Camp Sawyer.

Day Two: Monday

Day two is exactly the same as day three pre-Irma.  Ride from Camp Sawyer to Boyd’s Campground (Stock Island) for a total of 35 Miles

 Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday will be spent in beautiful Key West

On Tuesday you must be back to Boyd’s Campground and ready for the 4:00 PM trolley tour of Key West followed by dinner.

There are many great excursions available in Key West.  Lots of fun things to do.  I strongly suggest you research options.  The tour will shuttle you to any early morning excursions or tours you book any of those mornings.

Route sheets will be available from Boyd’s campground to Key West and back taking in many of the attractions.

Many of you have asked if there were things BubbaFest could do to help with the recovery.  Plans are underway currently for a work project day in the Key West area for those who wish to lend a hand.  Details will be sent in a future email.

Day Six: Friday

Bike from Key West to Marathon

Option One:  Bike from Boyd’s to Marathon for a total of 48 Miles

Option Two:  Bike from Boyd’s to the foot of the Seven Mile Bridge for a total of 35 Miles.  Those choosing option two will be shuttled along with their bikes to the ending location.

Day six will end at the Marathon Holiday Inn Express at no additional cost to you.  Yes, you read this right, no camping that night. Each room will be double occupancy.  Of course couples will be roomed together.  Single riders will be paired up with same gender other single riders.  You will have six days to meet and get to know all riders on BubbaFest.  Thursday after dinner we will accept requests of who you would like to room with.  If you do not make a request, you will be assigned a roommate for that evening.

Day Seven: Saturday

Bike from Marathon to Key Largo

Option One: Bike from Marathon to Key Largo for a total of 47 Miles

Option Two: Bike from Marathon to Back Country Cowboy in Islamorada for a total of 29 Miles.  Riders taking option two will be shuttled to the ending location along with their bikes.  For those renting a bike, Back Country Cowboy is who you are renting from so if you choose option two the rentals will be returned at this location

Other information:

Flat resistance

Irma and her cleanup has left added debris on the roadways.  With that in mind you should consider installing flat resistant tires on your bike such as Continental Gatorskins, Schwalbe Marathions, Specialized or Armadillos.  Your trusted local bike shop may have another brand of flat resistant tires.  Also consider Thorn-resistant inner tubes and bring additional tubes with you.

All riders should come with the willingness, knowledge, equipment and ability to change a flat tire.

Meals included

  • Welcome Dinner Saturday November 4
  • Breakfast Sunday November 5 if you are staying at one of the host hotels
  • Dinner Sunday
  • Breakfast Monday
  • Dinner Monday
  • Breakfast Tuesday
  • Dinner Tuesday
  • Breakfast Wednesday
  • Breakfast Thursday
  • Dinner Thursday
  • Breakfast Friday
  • Farewell dinner Friday
  • Breakfast Saturday
  • Note: Dinner Wednesday will be on your own to sample one of the many great eateries of Key West

Bubba’s Pampered Pedalers is the proud recipient of Florida Bicycle Association Bicycle Business of the year for 2016 in recognition for efforts and achievements which shape the vision for Florida to be a state where bicycling is safe, respected and encouraged as a means of transportation and recreation.

Please use Sun Screen.  Melanoma Kills

BubbaFest–Florida Keys  November 4–11, 2017

It’s not just a bike tour, it’s a Keys Experience

Fee schedule can be found of the registration form.  Click here to view the registration form.

Long before Rum Runners were cooling off thirsty tourists in the Keys, pirates thirsting for other treasure sailed the coastal waters.

The Florida Keys are known for their laid-back vibe with an emphasis on fun, and Bubbafest, the annual week-long bicycle tour of the Keys, fits right in.

The longest riding days are 36 miles … and it’s all flat. The scenery is incredible, and the short riding days provide plenty of time to sample the varied cuisine, dip a toe or more into the turquoise water, swim with dolphins or kayak a secluded shoreline.

Most of the bicycling is on the Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Bike Trail, separate from cars but never far from the action – stunning ocean vistas sometimes populated with glimpses of dolphins, sharks, turtles, manatees, egrets, herons and the ubiquitous, oddly shaped brown pelicans.

Florida Keys Bike Tour

The sounds of live music, clinking glasses and laughter spill out the open doors of countless Duval Street bars, hinting at the good times to be had inside. Mallory Square hosts the biggest nightly sunset party in the Keys, a multi-ring circus of flame jugglers, tightrope-walking dogs, Houdini-like escape artists and more, all vying for your attention with a steady comedic patter.

The Keys were discovered and charted in 1513 by Spaniard Ponce de Leon, best known for his search for the Fountain of Youth. De Leon thought the Fountain was never found, but he was wrong – it’s everywhere in the Keys, a destination that will have you peeling off the years like so many layers of unnecessary clothing.

The Spanish wrecked many a ship on the reefs looking for gold, those wrecks ultimately becoming treasure for scuba divers and marine life. The Spanish called these chains of islands “keys,” from the Spanish word “cayos,” which means “small islands.”

Florida became U.S. territory in 1812, with settlers first arriving in Key West in 1822. Pirates still prowled the waters then, so the Navy established a special fleet tasked with controlling the buccaneers. Early residents found rich fishing grounds and some even grew rich salvaging shipwrecks.

When early entrepreneur Henry Flagler decided to run a railroad the length of the Keys, it got the islands on track and chugging toward the future. Enamored of south Florida and its potential, Flagler started work on the 156-mile Over-Sea Railroad in 1905. The last section was laid in 1912 and Flagler, one of the original partners in Standard Oil and a hotel magnate, spent a week celebrating the completion with Key West locals.

To visitors, it appears the celebration never stopped. Key West remains a magical place of spectacular sunsets and unparalleled nightlife. The same is true for all the other islands.

Camping on a bike tour of Florida Keys

Legend has it that early BubbaFesters used to travel the Keys in search of the best Key lime pie, asking the locals for recommendations and rating each pie on a scale of one to five based on flavor, crust, texture and presentation. The results were recorded in a Key lime-colored notebook to serve as a guide to future flavor-fests. While the location of this book is as closely guarded as pirate’s treasure, and worth its weight in gold, you can start your own list.

Florida Keys Biking TourBubbaFest Florida Keys is Resort Camping with seven breakfasts and six dinners included with registration. Just
think, Mid November in the Florida Keys. That alone should be enough but there is plenty more.

  • Manageable Mileage
  • Can you say FLAT? If you want long, hard, hilly days, this event is not for you. If want manageable mileage, average of 35 miles a day, many of those miles on off road paved bike paths, this event is for you. If you want to climb all day, this event is not for you. If you want flat ground which will allow you the most magnificent view daily of both the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, this event is for you.
  • If you want to just ride all day long with nothing to do, this is not the event for you. If you want to have fun with plenty of other activities,  this event is for you.
  • If you hate beautiful scenery this event is not for you. If you want to see some of the most beautiful scenery of any biking event, this event is for you.
  • If you hate to camp next to the ocean, this event is not for you. If you want to enjoy spectacular sunrises and sunsets like only the Florida Keys can provide and enjoy them from your ocean view resort camp, this event is for you.
  • bubba5If you enjoy sub-par meals this event is not for you. If you want great meals;  some ocean side with a wonderful sunset in the background, this event is for you.
  • If you like being one of a thousand standing in long lines, this event is not for you. If you like smaller more intimate events where you get a chance to meet others without standing in the same line, this event is for you

BubbaFest—Florida Keys is really more a vacation than a normal bike tour.  The less than 35 miles average daily mileage allows you plenty of time to explore and enjoy yourself along the way.  The Florida Keys are beautiful and offer a variety of non-biking activities.  Swim with the dolphins.  Snorkel. Dive.  Key Deer. Deep Sea Fish.  Museums.  Conch Fritters. Key Lime Pie.

The Seven Mile Bridge just might be the most beautiful seven miles you have ever biked.

bubba7Starting with a Cuban Pig Roast poolside at the welcome reception to the gala farewell dinner dance beachside; you will enjoy the best food of any bike tour.  Seven breakfasts and six dinners are included in the registration fee.

BubbaFest has the friendliest SAG drives you will find.  This is a bicycle tour and everyone is encouraged to ride.  That said, if for any reason after getting started you feel you cannot continue just flag down one of the SAG vehicles and hop in.  No questions asked.  After all, this is your vacation.  Unless there is a medical condition all riders are encouraged and expected to start the day on their bicycle.

A traveling bike mechanic will ease your worries about any bike problems while a traveling license massage therapist will ease any worries about your body.  Believe me, a beach side massage with a gently sea breeze blowing is hard to beat.

Bicycle rental is available through the Backcountry Cowboy Outifitters.  Contact them directly for details. 305.517.4177

Remember, this is the perfect event for the non-rider as well.  So, bring that special non-riding person along so the both of you can enjoy this vacation.  There is plenty for them to do along the way while you are riding.

BubbaFest—Florida Keys fills yearly so do not delay in registering.  A wait/wish list will be maintained once the event is fully booked.

Come and see for yourself what Bubba means when he says….”It’s ALL Good”!

Register for Bubba Fest
Register for Pampering on Bubba Fest
Rent a towel and/or chair for Bubba Fest

BubbaFest Florida Keys Details

BubbaFest -Florida Keys    November 4-11, 2017

Tne $745 fee is the same for rider and non-rider

bubba6What is included?

  • Nightly Camping Fees (Optional PAMPERING service not included—see below)
  • Welcome reception dinner
  • Six nights camping at beautiful ocean-view campgrounds
  • Pool or Ocean at each campground
  • Beautiful Ocean Views Daily from your Bike
  • Amazing sunrises and sunsets like only the Keys can provide
  • Seven breakfasts and six dinners (Sunday breakfast provided by the host hotel and is included with your room reservation.  If you are staying other than the host hotel breakfast will be on your own.)
  • One lay-over days in Key West
  • Private, BubbaFest only, open air trolley tour of Key West
  • Mechanical Support
  • Baggage Transportation
  • Laughs
  • Fun
  • Memories
  • Bubba

What is not included?

  • Lodging Saturday November 4th and Saturday November 11th


  • Snow, Ice and Cold, the phrase “WIND CHILL”!!
  • Pampering Service – Registration fee is for this event only and does not cover PAMPERING. PAMPERING still is available for BubbaFest. Register for pampering on BubbaFest here.
  • Lunches
  • Dinner Wednesday while in Key West

Host Hotel

The host hotel for BubbaFest–Florida Keys is the Key Largo Holiday Inn with the secondary hotel being the Key Largo Marriott Courtyard.  These are sister properties which are located a very short walk from one another.
You have the choice of which hotel to use as well to which sort of room you wish to book.  King or Two Queen rooms are available with standard view, pool view, island view (Holiday Inn) and marina view rooms.  Room type and number of people in room will determine room rate.
BubbaFest–Florida Keys special room rate will be available on Friday November 3th well as Saturday November 4th and Saturday November 11th.

Hotels and room types will be booked on first-come/first served basis.

Depending on advance bookings, some categories of rooms may not be available for those waiting to book. 
If you have a preference, it would be to your best interest to book early.
This link is to book Holiday Inn for November 3 and/or 4 Bubba Fest Group 1-Holiday Inn Key Largo

This link is to book Holiday Inn for November 11 Bubba Fest Group 2-Holiday Inn Key Largo

This link is to book Marriott Courtyard for November 3 and/or 4 Book your group rate for Bubba Fest Group 1

This link is to book Marriott Courtyard for November 11 Book your group rate for Bubba Fest Group 2

When booking your accommodations, please use the following toll-free numbers:
Holiday Inn Key Largo can be made by calling 866.733.8554  and the Courtyard by
Marriott Key Largo can be made by calling 855.335.1066.
Inform the agent are booking for BubbaFest–Florida Keys, your dates of stay, and number of guests.  The agent will
provide availability at time of booking.  Since breakfast is included with the room, you must inform the reservation clerk if you are booking a single (one person) or a double (two people) Upon check-in you will be given a breakfast voucher for the number of people in the room.
Do NOT call the National Reservation number, you will be told the hotels are sold-out.  When calling the above numbers, FIRST tell the person you are on BubbaFest–Florida Keys and want to book a room from the BLOCK OF BubbaFest ROOMS.  If you first say you want to make a reservation, you will be transferred to the national reservation location and will be told the hotels are sold-out.


It’s just a short 42 miles from Miami to Key Largo.  Long term parking in Key Largo will be available at the host hotel.  Please check with front desk for location.

Flying into a south Florida airport?

It Doesn’t Get More Beautiful Than This

Shuttle service can be arranged through Keys Shuttle. Check their web site for pick-up locations and pricing information. Make sure to inform them if traveling with your bicycle. If there is more than one in your group, it might be less expensive to rent a vehicle for the week. Check prices to determine if this is something you might wish to consider.

If you are flying out the ending Saturday, DO NOT book a flight before 5 PM if using the Miami airport and not before 7 PM if using the Ft. Lauderdale airport.

Bicycle Shipping or Bicycle Rentals

  • Option One: Bike rentals are available for use on BubbaFest from a local outfitters. These hybird/commfort bikes are very well maintained top quality bicycles which are perfect for BubbaFest.  Please contact Backcountry Cowboy Outfitters for details and pricing.  305.517.4177   Remember, a rental bike will not “feel the same” as they bicycle you ride at home.
  • Option Two: You may ship your bike to the host hotel: Holiday Inn , 99701 Overseas Highway Key Largo, Florida, USA, 33037. Phone: 305. 451.2121

This event is limited to the first 175 registered participants and will fill very fast. First registered, first served.  A waiting list will be utilized after the event is booked

An email confirmation will be sent once the registration has arrived.  If after two weeks of registering you have not gotten an email confirmation send an email GraceForBPP@yahoo.com and inquire.

Register for Bubba Fest
Register for Pampering on Bubba Fest
Rent a towel and/or chair for Bubba Fest

BubbaFest Schedule:

bubba8 Itinerary subject to change.

 Saturday November 4th

Registration is from Noon–4 PM. Welcome reception and dinner;  5:00 PM  at the Holiday Inn.  Rider meeting following dinner

Sunday November 5th

Bike from Key Largo to Fiesta Key. Total mileage 30

Breakfast provided at the host hotel.  You must have booked a room at the host hotel in order to receive the breakfast

Dinner  served at the Fiesta Key Campground

Fiesta Key Camp Resort has several lodging choices for those not wishing to camp.  Call them directly for options and booking.

Monday November 6th

Bike from Fiesta Key toScout Key  Camp Sawyer Distance of 36 Miles

Because this is a Boy Scout Camp no adult beverages of any kind are allowed.  Anyone violating this policy will be removed from the event.

Breakfast provided at Fiesta Key while dinner is provided at Camp Sawyer

For those not camping, the closest hotel is the Hyatt in Marathon Key.  Distance of about 10 miles

Tuesday, November 7th

Bike from Camp Sawyer to Key West (Stock Island): 29 miles

Breakfast served at Camp Sawyer.  Dinner provided in Key West after open air trolley tour

Wednesday, November 8th

Wednesday will be layover a day in Key West to allow you time to explore this unique island. Bike option is available while in Key West
Camping on Tuesday and Wednesday  Boyd’s Campground

Breakfast served at campground
For those staying in hotels/motels while in Key West you will need rooms for Tuesday November 8th–Wednesday November 9th

Thursday November 9th

Bike from Key West (Stock Island) to Scout Key–Camp Sawyer.  Total  Mileage of 29

Because this is a Boy Scout Camp no adult beverages of any kind are allowed.  Anyone violating this policy will be removed from the event.

Breakfast served at Key West Campground.  Dinner provided at Camp Sawyer

Friday, November 10th

Bike from Scout Key–Camp Sawyer to Fiesta Key.  Total mileage distance of 36

Breakfast service at Camp Sawyer.  Dinner served at Fiesta Key

Saturday, November 11th

Bike from Fiesta Key to Key Largo: Total mileage 30

Breakfast service at the Fiesta Key campground

Special BubbaFest–Florida Keys room rates will be available at both the Holiday Inn and the Marriott Courtyard.  Why rush home?  Enjoy your last day on the bike and stay with all the others while enjoying one last Keys Sunset.

Register for Bubba Fest
Register for Pampering on Bubba Fest
Rent a towel and/or chair for Bubba Fest